Your Scammed Days Are Over!

Are you afraid of being scammed again?

Are any hope you may have had in earning a passive income, forever beyond your reach?

The internet world is like the Sahara desert – there are no directions, no maps or sign posts to direct you to where you should go.

Yeah, everyone else seems to know the way, but you don’t have a clue

Isn’t it annoying that no-one wants to explain in plain terminology, what an actual online business is, and what, how or where to find it?

The problem is, not, in how many opportunities there are online; the problem is, with how to find them, and what to do to obtain them.

I can say without a doubt, there are thousands out there, but you need to know how to look for them and then find out how to make them earn you money.

These issues, are also the main reason, why many people get scammed; quit searching; or just get put off, before they have even found the one honest money making program, that would have changed their lives forever (and there are many hidden in that Sahara desert).

I Have Found A Way

Hi my name is Ilaiaane, I have searched the online world, since 2008, as a solo mum looking to earn from home, so that I could take better care of my three young girls. I ended up scammed, used and totally frustrated.

I stopped believing in finding anything real online…

Then, I went on to a full-time offline job, that took all my hours from my family and just about destroyed my health and sanity (yeah, you know what I mean).

However, I never stopped believing in myself, or ever stopped hoping that, maybe, one day, I will finally find that one program, that will show me a way through the bare ‘Sahara desert’ of the online world.

Obviously You are reading this because you too, have experienced, or are experiencing that same frustration, and scam ‘cycle’.

What if I could help you to find that one program which will not only show you the direction but will train you as well?

Lets just say that this program is the ‘oasis’ you have been searching for. It not has a map to show you the way, but it also gives you the tools to survive and finally overcome the obstacles stopping you from reaching that destination of success.

I rediscovered Wealthy Affiliate, in December 2019.

To be honest, I have never found a program close to what this platform offers in all the last ten years of endless searching and failing.

Through their training and support, I have built two, top ramking, search engine websites (already monetizing passive income).

I completed all the easy training, within two months of joining and made more friends than I ever had in this lifetime (a network of 5K to be exact, and growing daily.


My one regret, is that, I didn’t register, with this program, when I first came across them, those many years ago (yes, I found Wealthy Affiliate in 2008, and then never game them the chance, because after experiencing so many scams, I just thought they were just another one).

By now, I would have been sharing with you, my 6 figure income page.

However, there is a time and season for everything, and I am grateful I found Wealthy Affiliate again.

The secret to their outstanding platform is not in money making, but in building and helping others, through a well organized and thought through, Pay-It-Forward System.

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Here are screen shots of my first ever affiliate sales made through Amazon using the tools that Wealthy Affiliate has taught me:


The payments are not much, but it is evidence that the program works. I even earned this, while I was in hospital too.

I have also earned through referring others into Wealthy Affiliate (which you can do straight away and as a free member as well).


What Wealthy Affiliate Offers You

As a free trial starter you can start referring and also build your two sites for free up to 6 months

So put your wallet away! No payment details or credit cards are required to join free – and guess what, if you decide it is not for you, you have no required obligations – you can walk away.

Also, ! lets just say you want to come back again (some members took four years away), you can just log in and continue, although you will need to start your websites all over again.

Still, In Doubt?

Maybe you think there are more hidden up up-sells and this too good to be true.

Okay there is one more thing, after you upgrade to Premium, you get free hosting up to 25 free siterubix sites (all provided free by Wealthy Affiliate) and 25 of your own paid domains (.com/.net./.org sites) – that’s only an extra $15 a year to pay on top.

That I would say, is the only other cost.

Everything else, including: hosting, training, security, All-in-one SEO, and 24/7/365 live community support, are all part of the monthly/half-yearly/annual subscriptions.

No other program can boast the same benefits for less than $500/year…

…in fact, you will find that the majority of overnight money making programs hide their up-sells and what is considered the most affordable is about $3000 for nothing compared to what is offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

This is not MLM but Affiliate marketing and your referrals are yours for life. Therefore, you do not have a referrer taking away any of your referral earnings, like so many up line programs.

Even Better Wealthy Affiliate Offers 6 Monthly or Yearly Options At Even Further Discounts.

I promise you there is no other program out there that can match this platform, in the level of professional, yet basic video training and/or in the 24/7/365 worldwide support of over 2 million like-minded online entrepreneurs, who started just like me and you.

Many members, have earned more than 10k a month, just from implementing what they have learned, in the training.

Can’t Wait? Click To Start Now!

You too can, build an honest, passive monthly earning, for the rest of your life.

Therefore, don’t make my mistake and delay another 10 years.

Sign up now and don’t lose yourself in this internet ‘desert’.

I promise to be there to welcome, mentor and to, guide you through to your own success.

    Join Now And Start A New Life!

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