Today my post, is a review on the Easiest Site Builder to Use In 2019, Siterubix.

Siterubix is a website builder that I have personally learned to use, with the great training offered by its hosting platform: Wealthy Affiliate.

However, this review is not your expected typical product review. I am not going to put down some other poor company to prove they’re not as good as SiteRubix.

I am just going to tell you like it is. This is my blog review on SiteRubix – the easiest site builder to use in 2019.

If you are looking for the easiest and most affordable way to make money online, and wish to create your very own website, then I suggest that you read on.

However, if you think, that you have found it already and just want more information, to compare with your own current host/site builder, then by all means, I invite you to go ahead and see, if you would like to try it out.

The best part is, that, it is free to trial. You will  receive access to two free websites, to start building and make some earnings – there is no need to use a credit card, or to pay anything (you can do so indefinitely, although there are many other paid benefits to upgrade to).

So here we go, let us start.


What is a site builder?

A site builder is a tool that will enable you to build your own website without the need to manually code editing.

You can choose from two types of website builders, which I will go in to below.

Off-Line Site Builders

You can build your website using a downloadable software. These are great, because you can work on your site even while it is not on-line and everything you have downloaded is easily accessed from your personal computer.

The only problem is, you still need to upload your files to a web-hosting site and there are usually hidden costs extra added to, what you have already spent on the software pack that you just purchased.

Wait, but there is more!

You will need the expertise and skills as well, to be able to upload your files to a web hosting platform. This, together with, the extra running costs are the real downers for downloaded off-line web builders.

Okay let us look at the other option.

Keep reading.

On-Line Site Builders

On-line Site Builders are web-based or require the use of the internet and the services of a hosting platform, utilizing a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer).

The advantage of using an on-line builder is that you can work on your website anywhere and be able to use any device.

Other benefits of this option is that most of these site builders includes hosting and maintenance, which means that you do not need to worry about tech stuff or extra costs (though this could be debatable).

Most of these on-line site builders create a platform that makes it easy for the beginners to use. A click of a button ensues a created website within minutes and themes (front-end displays) can be uploaded and exchanged according to the owner’s requirements.

What To Look For

When looking for a site builder, you need to consider a few factors before you sign up:

  • The cost to build a website
  • The cost to own a domain
  • The hosting platform
  • The time it takes before the website becomes live
  • The ongoing support of the hosting service
  • The education program to help you with developing your website, using SEO and SEM techniques to enhance SERPS
  • The security – how safe will your new website be from spam
  • Ongoing unseen costs added to maintain and ensure the continuity


Well-Known On-Line Website Builders

I am sure that many of you have seen or used one of these site builders at least once in your lifetime, and I have to say, for myself, quite a few in my own life.

  • Wix
  • Go Daddy
  • Site 123
  • Squarespace
  • Big Commerce
  • Volusion
  • 1&1 IONOS

I have listed for you a few reasons why I stopped using some of these site builders:

  • I had been in the dark about the whole creating a website thing.
  • Support took ages to get back (although to be fair, I joined quite a few years back, so things may have improved now).
  • I had to sort of know what I had been doing or had some sort of tech background to understand jargon etc.,
  • I had to pay extra to find a hosting platform (or search for my own. I had used Hostgator – not the easiest to use or cheapest).
  • Had to try to understand how to use the hosting platform as well – and payments had to be made upfront in bulk.
  • There were other extra ‘surprise costs”, such as, themes (limited choices) images and videos etc.
  • I had no understanding of widgets, plugins or designing my page – so it was a mere guessing game for me.
  • I had no way of understanding whether what I had been doing was right. Let alone new how to write any content.
  • I always felt deflated after seeing the mess I made and quit in embarrassment and just continued to pay, without admitting my defeat.

My last website I ever tried to attempt was through Clickbank. I ended up with such a mess, I vowed never to try to create a website on my own ever again.

My Very Own Website Using SiteRubix

SiteRibix is the name of my site builder.

I think I am going to be a little biased here, and make this statement while I still have your attention: SiteRubix is absolutely the best and outplays all the other site builders. Why?

It is cost effective, and saves my having to have any experience or tech skills – it only took me less than 30 seconds to create my website, with my own site name, and I also registered it to myself as a after building it on Siterubix.

If you don’t believe me then go ahead and check my first website – ranked first, on page one in both Google and Yahoo.


The Best Site-Builder-SiteRubix-Art-Thou-Cakes-Website





How Did I Find SiteRubix?

Okay, this is going to be a bit of a story, so I need you to pause and get a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you fancy…

Do you have your hot cuppa?

Okay make sure your ‘backside’ is comfortable.

Now, where were we?

Oh yes…well it all started with my being forced into resignation from my job, last September (2018), by a bullying boss lady. I had given more than 10 years of my life to this company, and I truly loved it.

Sadly, I still do, and I miss the few people I loved working with.

I won’t go in to, too much detail, but, the atmosphere between my boss and I became extremely toxic, and she took my solution to our working together, as a way to forge a resignation out of me; without even a minute to think or discuss, and she emailed it, to the rest of my colleagues.

My colleagues were shocked

My boss had made ridiculous rules, that I had to abide by, using her husband to make sure that I followed the rules:

  • I had been made to stay in until the “nth” hour, while, everyone else were told to leave early.
  • I had been not allowed to go away from my desk for longer than 10 minutes. Oh yes, she had her spies there too.
  • I had to be right on time and her husband (who was not even employed and not even their company), was always there to watch the clock when I went through the entrance.
  • She yelled at me, when she thought no-one could hear.
  • Everyone was afraid to stand up for me, because she threatened them.
  • She told me that I had been making up things in my head and I needed to get myself checked by a therapist.
  • Oh and did I mention she had spies? okay I did.

As I write, memories come flooding back, and although I have moved on now, it still hurts, because after giving so much of your life to something or someone, and when you were shown no appreciation, it still hurts real bad.

I applied to the Board for grievance, based on her unfair treatments, but it never came to a satisfactory conclusion.

My boss was allowed to continue her tyranny, while I had been forced to leave

So, I left, and she argued that I had no money because I had used it all up with sick leave (which was not true at all).

Therefore, I left with nothing but my dignity – at least I left on my terms, because I gave her no time to find someone to fill my place – so in a way, I felt like I gave her a slap on the face, when I left.

Oh yeah, she was fuming, that I didn’t give her time.

However, I had left too fast, and I had been not prepared.

I had nothing, no job, no holiday pay or superannuation (it was a private establishment and they did not offer this)…I tried to temp for another job soon after, via an agent, but I felt like I had only become another number to them, and they couldn’t care less, of what I had been going through.

It was lonely, to say the least.

By 19 December, on my 47th birthday, I had been sitting staring at the computer screen; I desperately gave a silent prayer, asking for some miracle to happen.

The truth was, I no longer, wanted to work under someone else anymore. I wanted to find something that I could do from home. My children were growing up without me at home, so to find something that I could do from home, would be so good.

I assumed that there were no honest online jobs, but, at the same time, I had a hope that I would find one someday – and hoped that it would be something that would not cost me, like the many scams I had joined in the past.

Oh please, please, please…my heart was in my hands…

Prior to all this, I had been emailed by a lady telling me of a lifestyle program she was promoting – that would make me thousands a month, if I had been willing to be coached.

I looked up the link she had sent, and read all the details – everything looked good and she had lots of proof, however, the high amount of money she was earning in such a short time, waved red flags.

So, I thought to myself, if the company she is promoting is not a scam and it is affordable, allowing me to join free first, then I will try it.

I looked up in Google and whoa! a scam alert came up warning about this certain woman and everyone involved in her company.

The guy who posted this had a review on this so called ‘six-figure earning – a month’ company, and gave all the details to why I should not join. Especially the part where to make money I had to coff up $4000 to join.

PHEW! that was definitely a close one.

The reviewer, had a small link on his page, to give me an alternative to the program instead of the company, I had been researching.

He promoted Wealthy Affiliate. Huh? Affiliate Marketing? Hmm, I had joined one of these online programs before, and I worked my butt off, to get over a thousand referrals and only a meager $40 at the end of it (four years of it, while I worked my brick and mortar job).

Okay, so I kept reading, and felt that this person was quite normal, no professional images of him in a yacht or expensive cars, like that lady did, so I thought okay I will click on his offer and see where it leads me.

I have to back track here a little, in my story.

You see, I had started searching Google at about 8pm that night, and by the time I finished reading this guys’s story it was about 5 minutes to midnight. I was sick of being scammed, but I held on to the small glimmer of hope, that I would finally find, that one honest online business, some day.

That’s when I thought… Stuff it, it is now or never!

I had only $50 left for Christmas

I had been hanging on to this money, in case of an emergency. My three girls were already told that they would not get anything except Mommy’s undying love.

I know sad aye?, to tell your kids that you have absolutely nothing, for the most special time in the year.

Now, back to my story, okay, okay, we will soon come to the important part – I told you to get your ‘backside’ comfortable.

This guy’s name is Dale, his success story blew me away


Dale explained that I could join his training/hosting platform for free and if I liked it, I could pay $19USD for my first month of Premium membership, only if I paid to upgrade within my first 7 days.

Also, if I wanted to remain a free member indefinitely, I can still keep my two free websites and still do the starter’s training certificate for free. What impressed me was that I didn’t need to pay anything, not even enter credit card details (as many other online programs would have you do, even when they say no payments required). The other thing that I thought was cool, is the fact that unlike other platforms/programs who offered monthly membership, this Wealthy Affiliate didn’t force the yearly bulk payments and I could keep making monthly as long as I wanted.

Okay, this sounded like a good deal for me. I clicked on the link and the rest is history. Within an hour of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I knew, that I finally found what I had been searching and hoping for, and as soon as I started the training with SiteRubix, I paid the Premium upgrade for $19USD (discount special for my first month if paid within 7 days of joining).

That payment cemented my new life. The time on my PC hit midnight as I clicked the payment button.

You could almost say, that…

…My miracle came just on time

It has been several months now (I am writing this today on 16 April, 2019), and I can say that I have had no regrets.

The community support is amazing. There are over 1.3 million members from all over the world and growing by the hour. It is like being part of a massive ‘world’ club, where you get all the different flavours of expertise and care. It is fun and full of “mad” people who love to help and give generously of their knowledge to help others achieve.

When someone has a milestone, everyone gets to celebrate with that person as well. It is truly a PIF program in which I have a growing network of over 3.5K, who support and mentor me to reach my goals.

Art Thou Cakes Website Rank First Page1 WA Blog

I also, just recently celebrated, my first page rankings on Google and Yahoo, with the Wealthy Affiliate community; my family.


The training is bar, none. It is designed to help even the most inexperienced member, to create their own customized website. Each lesson is broken to small bite sizes to accommodate even the most challenged learner. My daughter just turned 19 and she too has just joined me. My oldest affiliate network member, is over 80, and still enjoying the learning as well.


So, there you have it, the briefest version of my story – to how I found, SiteRubix through, Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteRubix is part and parcel of Wealthy Affiliate and co-owned by the founders, Kyle and Carson. You start the training and create your first two free sites to use up to 6 months as a trial member. However, I upgraded straight away to get the 62% discount, within 7 days joining.

As you can see, in just three months, I have built me a great website promoting my passion in Cake Artistry and I am currently working on my second, which is what you are reading right now.

I now have my own business, well maybe not to what some people’s idea of a business, is, but it is something that I can build, call my own and work when I want, where I want, and create anything I want.

The best part about creating with SiteRubix on a premium membership is that I get 25 sites included at no extra cost to my monthly subscription. Also, because Wealthy Affiliate is the hosting platform as well, I am allowed up to 25 more of my own bought domains, hosted at Wealthy Affiliate at no extra cost. I also could choose any theme from my free 10 themes provided as a free member or over 3000 as a premium member (now you can understand, why I chose to upgrade straight away).

The platform ensures my peace of mind, because of the extra security added at no extra cost, and the 24/7/365 support that I receive (response is literally within minutes of my questions) at no extra cost.

Now, so how did I use SiteRubix?

Go make yourself another cuppa, if you wish to continue reading. Otherwise, if your ‘backside’ is getting a little numb, please remember I am writing this too and that mine is just about getting to that stage also lol.

How To Use SiteRubix To Create A Customized Website In Seconds

Now I will show you exactly what I did below:

  1. I joined Wealthy Affiliate.
  2. I had been given a profile page, that showed me everything that was included in my membership.
  3. I started the OEC training (everything that you would need to create a successful online Affiliate Marketing website).
  4. The training instructed me to think of a niche for my website using Jaaxy research tool to help me decide. However, I chose a niche in my passion, which was cake artistry.
  5. Once I had chosen a niche, I went to my profile menu and clicked on Site Builder, which took me straight into SiteRubix.


I chose a free domain in SiteRubix:


I picked a theme from all the free themes provided by Wealthy Affiliate:

Finding a theme was fun (it still is, but not can be time-consuming). I hit the big green button and whoops-a-daisy- I had been done!

And there you go folks – I built a website, without any experience or skill, to begin with. Now look at what I have built, you are reading it right now!

To think, that some companies, pay loads of money to have someone create a website, when I did mine all within the blink of an eye.



My Ranking and Recommendations

I rank SiteRubix 9/10 because it takes less than 3 seconds to create a new website and it is linked to WordPress with free themes to choose from.

My only recommendation is that SiteRubix is free for 6 months as a new member to Wealthy Affiliate, you will need to upgrade to Premium to get more themes and to get 25 free SiteRubix sites to work with. If you just use SiteRubix on its own, it will cost more than the monthly subscription of $49 that is offered by Wealthy Affiliate to host up to 25 SiteRubix sites for free.

This is wonderful, for those wanting to become website developers/designers for other businesses, who do not have the knowledge or time to build their own, and Wealthy Affiliate’s free hosting included in the monthly subscriptions, offers valuable service.

Imagine companies paying you thousands to build and maintain their sites x 25 a month. That’s the sort of opportunity that 25 free SiteRubix can give you. However, it is best to join and see for yourself.


In conclusion, I am still learning to develop my websites using the excellent training that is provided via Wealthy Affiliate.

To think that this “lil ol” gal, had no idea what ‘SEO’ or ‘SERP’ meant three months ago, and can, now use these terms easily in a sentence, is nothing short of amazing.

Since I lost my job, my life has changed for the better, as I continue to work on my websites, writing posts for lovely people like you.

My family feel more complete now, despite still not having much, and I will be honest, that I have not earned anything YET, but I know that with a good honest online business, I will soon reap the rewards of my labor in no time. When my family, come home to nice clean home, hot cooked meals and mum already there to welcome them, that is what I call most valuable.

If you have made it this far; sore bottom and all, I wish to thank you.

You add a little more to my joy and I feel humbled that you would want to read my post, right to the end.

If you have any questions or anything to add, I offer you an opportunity to do so, by leaving a comment below, and I will respond as soon as I can.



  1. Hbee


    Wow. Just reading how you were able to benefit from Wealthy Affiliates, within a few months is amazing! Your personal story has Made me realise that everyone goes through struggles and trials and in the end we do get there! I really like the detailed explanation you have provided about Wealthy Aaffiliates platform and SiteRubix site builder which can influence newbies to take on this program!

    • Reply

      thank you. It means a lot to me that you were touched by my story and it is my hope that many people will join Wealthy Affiliate and build a website on Siterubix, not because of money but to learn how to be truly successful not matter what their background was.

  2. Reply

    I love your post what an achievement to make and a massive step in your life congratulations i can say that you should be so proud of yourself.
    From the horrible boss and standing your ground to taking the step in the right direction finding WA and joining.
    It is so easy to get caught by the scammers i am very much like you i have sat and read and in fact almost joined until i got to the end and they asked for a huge amount of money.
    I wish you all the best with your online business.

    • Reply

      Hi Tracey,
      I believe my story is probably a reflection of so many other people’s stories for why they are in search of earning opportunities online today. There is also a rise in work bullying cases in New Zealand itself, where even government departments have been put on the spotlight for this sort of behaviour towards workers…sad. However, the other sad fact is, people get scammed online as well, because they do not know the first thing about how to make money online. Anyway, I am glad that you and I can steer away from these issues by choosing to be our own bosses and gaining the knowledge and skills to be successful as well. I wish you all the best as well for your own endeavors.

  3. Joseph Stasaitis


    Great review of Wealthy Affiliates and Good description on how the site builder works. While offline site builders  allow you to build your site offine I agree you do have to spend the time uploading to your web platform but this is easy to learn if you are willing.   

    I do like the advantages of an online builder which eliminates doing a lot of the tech stuff.  It’s a choice each has to make.  I find it fun learning the tech stuff even if I don’t use it on a regular basis it is good to know.

    Good outline of the features of what to consider when deciding on a site builder.  Although the many options for site builders out there are plentiful, I agree SiteRubix has more advantages and is the way to go especially with the training, support, and community.  

    • Reply

      Hi Joseph,
      Thank you for complimenting my review on Siterubix. I have tried the off-site builders before and I always ended up more confused at the end of the training (PDF or PowerPoint). Wealthy Affiliate’s system of offering to host and train a beginner to build their own website with and then teach them to make money from the website is nothing short of brilliant. It is definitely the best and the easiest site builder in 2019.

  4. Seth


    Hi, thank you for the detailed review of wealthy affiliate. Initially I also have the assumption that there is no honest online platform to make a living. I tried some platforms but was not actually what I wanted, until I found the platform you are recommending. The owners of this platform have a community of selfless individuals who are willing to offer assistance at anytime. I have not earned anything yet, but I believe with time when my site is fully developed the reward will come naturally. Thank you for this article.

    • Reply

      Hi Seth, thank you for your comment on my post. Finding an honest online platform is so rare today, with all the scamming going on. This platform is to be honest nothing but honest and true to what they advetise, no hidden costs other than what is in the subscriptions and buying a domain. Other than that, members are free to build their websites however, they wish, using tools like Jaaxy and Siterubix together with the skills that they have learned through Wealthy Affiliate‘s training.

  5. Reply

    Thank you for your site. I get all excited reading stories of people being able to actually start to succeed in on line business. I completely relate to your story and how much we search for nothing when it is a scam. It made me depressed and ready to throw the towel in on looking for something to help make ends meet.

    All the best to you and your journey Ilaisaane.

    • Reply

      Hi Lisa, thank you for visiting and sharing your own experience with online business searches and scams. May you also find great success in your own journey. Feel free to visit my future posts.

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