My title was created due to a most recent life experience.

I had a huge operation, and it brought home the fact that not only was life very short, but it was precious. Meaning, the dream I had of making my life count to others and to myself, gave me a renewed vision and determination to make my online business succeed.

My post today, is about how to make passive income while you are immobile, as it happened for me.


Therefore, I hope that those of you reading this will either go and catch that dream of freedom, or gain inspiration/motivation to continue your goals toward success.

I hope, that my story, will be great inspiration, to someone who works hard in their online business, but, is struggling and is about to quit. I also hope that it will be an eye-opener for others, who believe, that there is no such thing, as earning a passive income on the internet.

My Health

Prior to being bullied out of a job last year, my health had gone down hill, and I had heavy bleeding. Although, I had small uterine fibroids, they were not large enough to be the problem, and doctors were at a loss, to what the real cause was.

I was losing so much blood, that the level fell below 60 percent. I was screened, and tested, several times throughout the last two years, but the team of Gynecologists still, could not figure it out. They looked at my age and body makeup, and said, that I was too young for a hysterectomy.

I got a mirena inserted, last year and that didn’t work, within a week of insertion, I was rushed to hospital because my body rejected the foreign object.

Again, the Gynecologists (three different ones) decided to give me an endometrial ablation (laser scouring the uterus walls). However, this only curbed the bleeding, over the first few months, but again did not work for me. My blood count continued to go lower, and the specialists were getting desperate to find a solution, fast. I was given so many iron and hormone pills I became sick of taking them.

My energy level was at a real low, and found myself huffing and puffing at the slightest climb of steps or hills. I felt embarrassed. The worst part was, finding myself, dozing off to sleep in front of my work computer.

There were mornings where I wanted to just lie in bed and forget the world.

Controlling Boss

I worked as Data Analyst and Quality and Assurance Administrator, sitting in an office next to a high-strung boss, who was a control freak. She frustrated me and everyone else with her minute controlling.

I believe, that my health worsened, due to all the stress she had put me under – always ready to criticize, without taking any herself and expecting things on her desk, “yesterday” and not a day later. If she gave a time and date, regardless if you are sick at home, she made sure you got a personal phone call or an email reminder.

Losing My Job

After more than 10 years working I lost my job last year just before Christmas. I was driven out without a cent to my name and told I had used all my leave entitlement on being sick.

Despite my fight to get some compensation through the Board, I left with my head held high, and a broken spirit, at the time.


I vowed to myself that I will try to make it on my own, and to never go back to working a 9-5 underpaid job, to build another person’s ego ever again.

Looking For Work Online

I used to be a solo mum between the years, 2007-2012, with three young girls, when I ran away from my first, but violent husband. During this time I looked and searched for something that I could earn via the internet, so that I never had to leave the house out of fear, that my ex would find me.

Needless to say, I lost more money being scammed than I was earning, due to my inexperience with online marketing and business websites.

However, out of all of this, I gained a little experience and never gave up on finding that perfect online program, that will help me to succeed on my own.

This brought me to my current situation, in last December. I needed to find, that one online program, that would finally end all my doubts and create for me freedom, from a brick and mortar bondage.

I Did Find That Program

I had searched online on 19 December (I remember this day, because it is my birthday). I had $50 left in my bank, but I was determined to find that one program.

Just a few weeks before I left my previous job, I had seen an online business opportunity from Alison Wheeler, for her business “Prosperity of Life“. I even got a phone call when I subscribed to her emails.

She sounded authentic, but I wanted to make sure that this program was not a scam and it will cost me less than $50 to join.

I searched her and any scam reports about her business platform…the reviews were not good. Note here to yourself: never join anything until you research it thoroughly. After being scammed so many times, I had made this a habit.

I found a simple review about “Prosperity of Life” – they had a hidden cost to join – $4000 was only the first fee. Ha? no way in this world will I pay that sort of money, when that was the amount of money I wanted to earn.

I read this review, and noted the author of the blog, gave an alternative program, that was not an overnight moneymaker, but was an honest platform for those wanting to learn how to earn. The best part, was, that I didn’t need to pay for it straight away and could trial their first two trainings for free, or verify subscription with any payment details. So, I joined this program and the rest is history.

WA Made Me A Believer

That program, was Wealthy Affiliate (also known as WA). I quickly signed up using the link that was provided in the blog review. Within a few minutes of being welcomed by the owners: Kyle and Carson, and every other member;  my heart was won over, and within a few minutes, of registering, I new that this was what I had been searching for all those years. I paid my last $50 to upgrade straight away.



You see, I had a choice of staying free for as long as I wanted, but I knew that it was a do-or-die moment for me. I am one, for either putting everything in or not at all, when I find something worth living for.

Today, I believe that I had made the best decision ever, in my life.

I cannot put in to words, how much, Wealthy Affiliate has given me so much hope in the internet world, and faith in human goodness.

This platform is built on a Pay It Forward system, never found in any other platform.

The over two million people in there, are genuine in their help and support. Many of these people come from all parts of the world, looking for the same thing I was looking for, and found it just like I did within the WA community. All these people have offered their expertise and skills, to help me to where I am today, and we have fun as well. I will forever be grateful to them.

I have written a review on Wealthy affiliate, that you can read at your own leisure.

If you too are still searching, maybe give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You will not be disappointed, unless of course, you want a quick cash fix, then I guess you probably have to keep looking, and wish you luck.


I went through the training and built myself two websites: one for cake artistry, Art Thou Cakes, and the one you are reading this post on right now TWIBED.

Yes, both are hosted free including, free Jaaxy Lite and 25 free siterubix websites included in my monthly $49 subscription. The only other payments are, if I wish to buy and register own my domains, then I can pay the annual $14 fee, per domain. I am allowed up to 25 hosted free as well inside WA.

After this, there are no other costs or hidden up sells. Everything that I get in WA, is worth every bit and more of my $49/month.

You want to know something else? WA never shuts your account down, ever.

You can walk away and come back and continue, which means any referrals are never lost or handed to someone else.

My Surgery

Okay, to continue with my health story and the main purpose I wrote this article.

The doctors,at the end of all their wits, finally decided to give me a hysterectomy.

I was on the waiting list and after many months, I was finally given a date to get the operation, and remove my whole Uterus and Fallopian tubes.

That date was last week, Monday 20 May, at 7.30am (I suggest that you take note, as this bit of information will be important further down – you will understand once you read that part).

This is a picture that my husband took for our Facebook page (I wanted to share this, so that you know, none of this is made up):


I was prepped, drugged and the laid out all ready. Before the nurse started the count, I was out.

The operation took more than two hours, and I was kept in hospital for three and a half days. i woke up tired, and drugged but felt like a whole new person. I am really happy with the outcome, and have never lost anymore blood since.

I Earned While I Was In Surgery

Now, this is what I really, wanted to share with you.

In the four months of building my websites and learning in Wealthy Affiliate, my traffic was climbing and I got ranked number 1 on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo, for my cake artistry site.

I just found out, looking at my Amazon affiliate link reports, that I made two sales of about $200 in total!! From a product review I did on my Art Thou Cakes website (see images below, showing my review and the Amazon Report)



Okay, you may think wow, this is not much to get excited about, did I just waste my time reading this article to get to this bit and find out, that she only made two sales from Amazon? for a piddly $10 commission?

Haha! Yes you got that right and no, you did not waste your time, because now you know, that there is an awesome program that can actually help you to earn and what they teach you truly works.

If you have read this far, it proves that you are on the same search, I was on for so many years.

Imagine this one site of mine (Art Thou Cakes), making a hundred of those same amount of sales – a month, or say a day? Will you still be in doubt?

I also wanted to show you that, if you follow great training and stick to your guns, no matter how negative the outside world is, you can actually make real passive income, even when you least expect it.

Check out the date of my sales below:


Yeah baby! do you get it, now? while I was being operated on, I was earning money on my website.

This is why, more than anything else, I am so excited!!

I was making money passively and that has never, ever happened to me in any other online program or platform.


I am still immobile, due to doctor’s orders to stay resting for about 4-6 weeks, but what I have just shown you is something real and, if you are still in doubt about earning money online or want to keep searching, then that is your decision to make.

All I wish, was that I had focused on Wealthy Affiliates when I first came upon it, more than ten years ago. By now, I would be earning much more.

Don’t make the same mistake I did, life is very short and precious to ignore once in a lifetime opportunities; to create your dreams.

My dream is to earn enough, to just be me and to help others to succeed as well.

So go ahead, make that leap of faith, today. I will be waiting to welcome you in 🙂

>>>Click To Start Your New Life Today!<<<

Chat soon.


  1. Gaurav Gaur


    Hi, Ilaisaane.
    Your true story fascinated me and strengthened my belief that WA works. Yes, I am the proud Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and joined this program under the same situation as yours.
    I am still learning and working on my tutorials and have full faith that next year will be the turning point of my life with WA.
    Wish you a Great Success and happy Passive Income. Thanks for the strong motivational article.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Reply

      Thank you so much Gaurav, for leaving me such a lovely comment. I am glad that my story inspires you to continue in your journey to success in passive income. Feel free to return and share your own achievement.

  2. Kate


    I hate this kind of bosses. I believe that people do a better job when they feel happy. If they’re stressed, they’ll find every way they can, to avoid working. And if they get a better offer, they’ll leave at a moment’s notice. I believe that people like this, must be very miserable to treat others like that.

    • Reply

      Hi Kate, thank you for leaving a comment. I can see that you also have had bad boss experiences also. It is sad, and unfortunately, we appear to have quite a few in the world, who still enjoy bullying the very people that build them up.

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