Would you like to know how to earn 10K? Within a few months? It is most likely that you do, if you have ended up in my blog.

If that is your intention, then read on as the information that I provide, may be of some help to what you are searching for.

10K seems to be the rounded number of earnings that is advertised, by the online gurus of social media, these days.

One such guru is Dan Henry. He like many other online entrepreneurs is young, fresh and hip. He appears to know what he is talking about, and definitely has the numbers to back up his high profiting strategies. You will find him easily on Google and other Search Engines simply by typing his name.


I came upon his free webinar ad, when I was out looking for other Affiliate programs to join. His introductory video is actually really good, and as I am in to public speaking, he came across as very well-spoken and my impression of him as a person were very positive.

He gave a brief overview of how he came about his great success, using marketing strategies to harness the power of businesses using the Facebook platform. Dan’s strategies were very sound and logical, his platform is called, ‘GetClients.com‘. I was intrigued, and wanted to know more (one of my weaknesses lol).

However, more than anything else, his offer of a free copy of the marketing funnel he used, was very attractive. This was the ad I clicked on (below):

So I booked a seat in his webinar with much eager anticipation.

Webinar Booking Confirmed

I got an email from Dan Henry himself, to thank me for booking, with a link to his webinar. I invited my daughter (also an online entrepreneur – yeah at 19 years of age, may I say also) to watch as well, to see if there were any new or interesting tips that we could learn.

Twibed-How-to-make-10K-using Facebook-Review

The Actual Webinar (My Impression)

Okay, long story but, made very short:

  • The webinar was 1 and a half hours long – my behind became numb at the end.
  • There were 94 people in the webinar – which quickly went down to 86 15 minutes before it ended, you will see why soon.
  • We had to watch without sound – not sure what happened there, but after 10 minutes my daughter told me that she had better things to do with her time. I felt bad, since, I had given her so much hype to watch this cool guy and his cool webinar. I would have left the webinar too, but I had an ulterior motive to watch it to the end – yeah, you got it – the free funnel template.
  • I learned a few awesome tips and gained a few excellent “keywords” for my own use throughout the webinar. Dan Henry really knew how to use his “words” effectively.
  • The webinar as you know how many gurus like to start with, is their personal ‘boohoo’ story about how they started off, barely making it, then all of a sudden they found a remarkable strategy that gained them immense wealth, and now want to share that same strategy with the rest of the world.
  • Unfortunately, at 15 minutes to the end of the webinar, I got to find out the true cost of Dan’s simple and effective strategy. It started at around about $3K per course, then slowly went down to $997 one off payment or split in half for two payments of $597. My heart sank. These amounts were in USD, now if I changed that to NZD, it would be an almost a whopping 60-70% more than I could actually afford.
  • The final blow, was that the so-called, ‘free funnel template’ was a marketing ploy or “lead magnet” and if viewers wanted it, they had to sign up for a free- trial in Dan’s platform get clients.com



My review is based on what I have researched and what I experienced in the initial sign up phase, after watching Dan Henry’s webinar. The following is my review on How To Earn 10K Using FaceBook – GetClients.com.

Who Is Dan Henry?


After much research and several YouTube video reviews, I have listed the following about the guy:

  • Like many other young online gurus/entrepreneurs he is a college drop out.
  • Worked as a pizza guy in his 20s
  • Husband and father
  • Owned a bar before he became a successful entrepreneur
  • Lost thousands investing into different online ventures before his success with Facebook advertising/marketing
  • He made his first 30k through Affiliate Marketing
  • Founder of GetClients.com
  • Public speaker and webinar presentations
  • Creator of 30-Day Agency, Sold-Out courses and 10k Club

The GetClients.com Platform

The fundamentals to Dan Henry’s success and online marketing strategies, are based on how he advertises his marketing services to other businesses who struggle to get clients, using Facebook. This is also known as Facebook ads for entrepreneurs (“FAFE” for short).

He offers to set up a marketing funnel to draw clients to those businesses/entrepreneurs, for about $2000 (USD) a month – a funnel that he has perfected to 10 minutes work effort on his end.

This is where Dan found his success and how GetClients.com came to be.

It is this funnel plus other strategies, that he then creates his courses on, to sell to those people, who also want to experience and duplicate the same amount of success.

GetClients.com is the platform set up for those members who have bought Dan’s courses.

Overview and Ratings

Company Name/Brand: Get Clients Platform

Website: getclients.com

Courses: 30-Day Agency and Sold-Out

Courses Valued At: $2997 (USD) each

Benefits: 24/7 Lifetime Access and work at own pace

Students Enrolled: More than 2,400

Award Achieved: 10K Club Award

Additional Programs: Private Mastermind Group and Facebook Community (8 Figure Advice)

Gaurantee: 14 day 100% refund

Entry Trial: 14 days free trial

Student Testimonials: 500

My Personal Rank: 7/10

What Each Course Offered

30 Day Agency course (suitable for all levels, even beginners)



  • Promises to get you clients within 30 days of implementing the training learned in 30 Day Agency course’s 4 modules
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Earning potential for learners are $10,000/month
  • 10K Awards are given to students who have succeeded with the program

Sold Out course (suitable for those wanting to excel)



This course is accessible to a select few and offered to those students who desire to create 6 or 7 figure incomes. There is a private application form, that members complete to be processed.

Students get to learn 3 secrets to success. The course uses six successful 10K or more per month earners, who have used the Sold Out course, themselves, as examples.

Star Student Workshops are a further up sell course included in the Sold Out course. The discount price for this is $497.


Discounted Costs For The Courses

I am not sure if this discount rate is a limited time offer but this is what was offered as a down sell, on the webinar I watched after the first up sell promotion.


Pros to GetClients.com

  • If you would like to learn a faster and more efficient way to earning big, using Facebook, then Dan Henry’s courses might just be what you are looking for.
  • It is legit, and obviously Dan has invested a lot of effort and money into ensuring that what he promises to members come to fruition. Judging by the 500 student success stories, you can see that his courses do work.
  • Who doesn’t want to earn 10K or more a month? this would be a dream come true for many struggling entrepreneurs looking for something that will pay big for very little amount of effort or time.
  • 14 Free Trial offered
  • The strategies offered in the courses are very sound and doable, even for the beginner.
  • Dan Henry appears to be a very intelligent young man and his personal stories actually are quite heart-warming and actually draws people to him.
  • Extra bonuses that come with the courses
  • 24/7 Lifetime and learn at your own pace allows no limitation to time of course completion
  • 100% Money Back Gaurantee
  • Dan is an excellent teacher and presenter

What Some Students Say

Sokha Chan from Boston, MA, USA – “...[GetClients.com] breaks down the basics of marketing in a way where it’s simple enough that anyone can understand. If you’re serious about making a change in your life, if you want to make a significant change in your life, I highly recommend you hit up Dan Henry.”

Georgina Anne Petersons, Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands – “…I secured my first real Facebook ads client for 4,000 Euros, and we’re going to do a pilot for three months to see how it works in the Netherlands, because I’ve worked with a lot of American clients, but not with Dutch clients. So we’re going to translate the strategy and see what works here.”

Anton Leon, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – “…Since taking Dan Henry’s course and applying the strategies and the principles that he teaches, I was able to generate 94 clients for my own local business in the 12 months after taking Dan’s course. Pretty happy with that. That represents approximately $100,000 in additional revenue for my business…”

Positive Video Reviews of GetClients.com



Cons to GetClients.com

Okay, now that you have read the pros, I would like to list a few of what I perceive to be cons for some people:

  • The courses are very expensive, and will be the first thing that can turn many people away
  • You have to provide payment details (credit cards etc.) to be able, to complete, the 14 day free trial, therefore it is not entirely free
  • Dan Henry’s focus is only on Facebook and suitable only for those using that one social media
  • You may need to compete with many others also following the same strategies on Facebook
  • Facebook’s frequent change of rules can have a negative impact on some of GetClients.com strategies
  • Instagram and other social medias are in high competition with Facebook, which also, can have a drastic impact on the future progress of GetClients.com
  • Unfortunately, Dan’s webinars and teachings are pre-recorded, and not live as initially one would think.
  • There are more and more training sites coming up with the same strategies and trainings, which offer free, or more affordable learning experience
  • What Dan promises on the Webinars are actually a dishonest lead magnet, which is very misleading
  • There are quite a few hidden up sells within the courses
  • Not everyone who does the course/s will make 10K in 30 days
  • Not all entrepeneur clients will be satisfied with the outcome


Not So Positive Feedbacks

  • Many other programs have similar strategies and they are either offering it free, or for much less
  • Webinars could be quite misleading with its offer of a “free funnel”
  • Webinars do not offer anything new, just filled with course advertising
  • Too many up sells
  • Facebook has banned a few of Dan’s students from spamming their ads (Dan had to quickly create some solutions)
  • Facebook’s future focus/rule changes can have a definitive impact on the future of GetClients.com
  • Entrepeneur clients have to be able to afford the high ticket marketing offered – therefore you need to do much research on the niches
  • Having too many people learning the same thing and offering the same services can create high competition in the one social media platform
  • You still have to spend money to create ads on Facebook (I have used this and it is very expensive, with very little result)

My Verdict On GetClients.com

I personally liked Dan Henry and also his strategies, especially since they are legit and obviously work. However, after having a negative experience with his automated webinar, especially, when I sat through an hour and a half, and still did not receive, the free funnel promised (see below), I gave GetClients.com a personal rating of 7/10.

This is a screen shot of the link he gave at the end of his webinar to get my free “funnel” and even after clicking on the free 14 trial another pop up shows asking for my payment details, Whaaaat???


An Affordable Alternative

With my current platform, I do not need to pay thousands to learn how to create a successful online business. In fact, I only pay $49 a month and get all that Dan has to offer plus more (not just Facebook but across all social media platforms). I joined free without having to pay or set up any payment details. I also could stay free for as long as I wanted, before choosing to go pay my monthly subscription.



I can honestly say that my research of Dan Henry, has been quite positive and despite my personal perspective, and the question of affordability. GetClients.com is legit and has many positive outcomes that outweigh any cons. His students obviously find Dan’s teachings valuable.

Therefore, if you are willing to pay more than $3000 (plus hidden up sells) to potentially earn $10k or more a month, then by all means you should start the free trial and join GetClients.com Don’t forget that you do have to also pay to promote for the clients on Facebook, which can end up taking more from your budget.

Otherwise, you can click for an alternative and a much more affordable platform that can actually give you much more than Facebook earnings for an ounce of what you have to pay GetClients.com, and you do not need to add any payment details to join, it is all free to trial as long as you wish. As for upgrading to Premium, it won’t cost you as much as David Henry’s offer, more like $49 a month and no hidden up sells.


Even better, I just earned my first affiliate passive earnings, from this program also. Not much, but it is the beginning and proof that it actually works.


If you have any questions or would like help with anything in my blog, please leave me a comment below.

Chat soon.


  1. Pentrental


    Wow what a great review on Get Clients. Honestly I hadn’t heard much about this product before now so this post is really valuable. What I like about Get Clients is that the sky is limit as far as earnings go. That you have given it such a high rating has me intrigued. A private application form is pretty mysterious, though I agree an affordable alternative might be something to think about. Wealthy Affiliate is a great and all who are reading here should definitely check it out!

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment. I gave Get Clients a high rank only because they are not a scam, however, the hidden costs and expensive start up is the reason why it did not get more than 7/10. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is definitely much more affordable and gives more value for their subscription options.

  2. RoDarrick


    Wow! This is a very exhaustive review about Getclients and I found it very informative. Seriously, I was very skeptical when I got introduced to the earn 10k on Facebook by someone from Getclients. I just felt something was fishy and didn’t want to invest my money but then, you have clarified my doubts and misconceptions. However, the cons highlighted are too big, to be ignored, especially in the aspect of the capital and the upsells. God, that’s a bit too much for me. Maybe if I can raise a little capital, I will definitely learn this blueprint to sure success. Thanks so much for this review.


    • Reply

      Hi RoDarrick, you are welcome. Getclients is not a scam, and it is a shame that their entry fee is a little too expensive for people wanting to get in. Their blue print is obviously quite popular despite this.

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