No Need To Be A Guru
No Need To Be A Guru

The true online achievers know the real secret to earning online. It is in owning a website or should we say, owning a piece of virtual/online ‘real estate’ on the internet.

Think about it, for a second. According to Interenet Live at the time, I am typing these very words, there are currently over 4,300,000,000 internet users online (and growing by the minute). The total number of current websites are just over 1,705,000,000.

These figures show how much opportunity there is, on the internet, for online businesses to flourish.

Owning a website and making money from it – is where this world’s future economy will be in a few years.

If you are not on board now, you will miss out, not only for yourself, but for the rest of your descendants. A website is a financial asset, that does not need a production line or inventories like in a normal brick and mortar business.

It can be used anyway you wish, with whatever passion you have, to start creating you passive income that will outlast even you.

I will show you how easy it is to build a site using a great platform that I use. This platform makes it so simple, that you can build a website within 30 seconds.

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What Type of Business Can I Use a Website For?

Let’s see now. Here are a few examples:

  • Affiliate Marketing – to earn passive income from affiliate programs such as Amazon and Shareasale, you will require a website as part of the registration process.
  • Online Marketing – The cheapest way to advertise any business to the rest of the world, is to advertise from one’s own website.
  • Blogging/Content Writing – If you have a passion and want to share it with the world, you need a website.
  • Social Media Influencer – You need a website to showcase your product reviews and to maintain followers.
  • Website Builder/Designer – No rocket science here, you need to know how to build one and own one, before building for anyone else.
  • Online Course Creator – You need a website to create and save your courses on.
  • YouTube personality – Yes, even though videos are popular, you still need a website to provide detailed information and capture viewers.
  • Domain re-sell – This is becoming popular, with those who design/develop websites. One well-developed website can be resold for thousands of dollars to anyone interested in the potential of your site.
  • Off line ‘brick and mortar’ businesses – websites market to a global market.

Make Your Business Visible To The World

Make Your Business Visible To The World

I can go on and on, but Let’s face it. The businesses who do not have websites, limit themselves to local zones and do not utilize the global market.

However, in saying this, owning a website is not limited to just those people who own a business. You could literally use a website for anything, such as community, charity or just a site to keep your photo albums or family history.

Understanding WordPress

Before creating a website, you need to first of all understand that a website is created using a site builder, publishing program and hosting program, all three are separate programs yet are all crucial to developing and running a website.

Some people have chosen to use separate programs/platforms, for example, they build with one program, publish with another one and then host with another different platform.

Understanding WordPress

A website builder, program is literally just as it is called. It builds your site, before you publish it to WordPress or any other publishing program.

WordPress is a publishing platform and is probably the most used. WordPress helps to beautify websites and to mobilize effectiveness for the reader experience.

A website host ensures that your website is live and active on the internet, so that it is viewable to search engines and to viewers.

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Amazing WordPress Features

Here are some amazing things that WordPress has to offer:

  • Access to hundreds of free (and premium) themes to make your website suit your needs
  • Includes plugin functionalities that help with the maintenance and usability of your site
  • You can write and edit your content, as well as update it to be live straight away
  • It includes the use of widgets and menus, to make your site easy to navigate
  • You can change your website theme and customize it uses plugins
  • Free instructions and email updates
  • The dashboard, has access to tools and functions which help to improve SEO

How Do I Build A Website Using WordPress?

Let me show you how in this easy step by step video training, below using one of the best platforms (website builder, WordPress publishing and hosting all included).

Build A Website Within 30 Seconds

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I believe I have given you enough good reasons to why, you should own a website. For further proof, this website you are viewing was built with the site builder, which is hosted by my favourite platform, and published using WordPress.

My other sites are Art Thou Cakes and Art Thou Weddings – both are still in progress, and already earning me passive income.

I am very fortunate, as I do not need to have three separate programs, because, they are all unified in the one program; Wealthy Affiliate, and it did not cost me more than what it would have been, if I had to use three separate platforms.

This platform allows me to build, publish and host, up to 50 of my sites at no extra charge. Think of all the possibilities, of having lots of sites to build your passions on. Therefore, don’t let this opportunity pass you by another day, tomorrow might be too late.

>>>Build A Free Website Now<<<

Please do me a favor, and share this information with anyone else, whom you think it will be of value to. I am more than happy to answer any questions, if you would like to leave a comment.

Chat soon.

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