In my previous post, I shared a review on the site builder tool that I used to create my websites, on Wealthy affiliate.

Now, to have ended there would have been a tragedy in the making, because, I would have just created the shell of a website.

Having a theme and a few headings or menu titles, do not make, a completed website. What makes a website really come to live for search engines, is the content.

Everyone keeps mentioning that ‘content is king’ and I had to learn this the hard way, because I didn’t want to write loads of information. I somehow, thought in my limited thinking, that I just had to create a website, give it a nice looking theme, add a few interesting articles, and let it attract traffic just as it is.

Well, wasn’t I wrong…

The very first thing that I needed to do was to find myself a niche.

Now to look for one on, own would have been overwhelming to say the least, but thankfully Wealthy Affiliate has also provided a research tool that help members to look for a niche and for keywords.

Therefore, in this article, I will show you how I found a niche and created my websites, website contents using the best 2019 keyword research tool and to rank first in Search Engines.




How To Find The Right Niche

What is a niche, you may ask?

The definition of niche in business person’s layman terms means, a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of market or product, (Google Chrome Search Dictionary).

In other words, it should be unique and offers products or services that does not have much competition, or appeals to specific needs or particular group of people.

If you look around you next time you go to a mall, you will notice stores are set to target one certain group according to different categories, such as but limited to, age, gender, culture, needs, trends, household, single/couples etc.,

Now, this is the same approach that you would need for your new website, that you would have created using a site builder. If you haven’t found one then I suggest looking at my websites, previous post, at the easiest site builder to use.



What Is A Keyword

When I first started searching for an online business, I used to hear the term Keyword. What I pictured in my mind, were random “one words” that had the key to attract many viewers to a website.

I have to say, that I was happy, to find out that I was almost right, in fact the term is a well-known internet term used to define a string of words within one phrase, clause or sentence.

These are the words that viewers used to search information, when they type it into a search engine. These words are caught up and collected by research platforms and ranked according to their niche, category and the amount of times it is typed/researched.

Remember, how I used the analogy of the poor man and a fish net in my previous post?

In that post I used the fish net as an analogy to the tools that, Wealthy Affiliate provided for us to create our websites.

Well you can say that in the same way, a keyword, can be likened to the entwined gill net meshes that create a fish net.

Let me explain further, a gill net catches schools of fish as they swim into it, because the net has a float line along the top with a lead line along the bottom…when you hang the net vertically, the mesh lines are so thin that the fish cannot see this, and if they do, it is too late because their gills are caught inside the twined gill net meshes.

Therefore, in simple terms, keywords are what people have in their minds when they type a search. However, they do not know that, except you and I. Keywords placed in our websites is what catches them –  the reader; the traffic.

Keywords help your website rank within the different search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo (being the three big players, although there are others).

This brings us to our next topic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


What Is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which I referred to above. It increases the quantity and quality of organic visitors to your website via the search engines.

It improves the ranking of a website by placing it on first level pages that are presented to viewers hitting certain keywords.


What Is SEM?

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing, which is a procedure that endorses websites visibility to search engine pages, but especially targeted via paid advertisements.


What is SERP?

SERP is the acronym for Search Engine Results Page. This page shows the results of search engine responses to a typed keyword search. This is the listed result page is what Web designers/developers and site owners try to rank in, to have their sites appear in or at the top. To get to the top ranks, the SEO methods I mentioned are utilized, for greater effect.



What Is Index And Crawling?

When you give permission for search engines to crawl your website, they are given access to your website content or code in each page or post. It is only after crawling that an engine can be indexed (added to the database for searching) and given in an SERP, with the application of algorithms.

In order to be accessed by search engines you will need to get a meta tag text code from those search engines to be placed within your website.

For example, I placed the Google Sitemap, meta tag in my websites, site and ensured that it was visible. This allowed Google bot to crawl my websites, site content and searched for errors – once my websites, site qualified by their standards – they issued me a rank, so that traffic could find me easily, and I also got an analysis via Google Analytics, showing me my websites, daily site performance.

So how do you rank again? and what is it that these search engines are looking for in our sites?

What do Search Engines Look For In Website Contents?

I am just going to bullet point them for you:

  • Friendly user titles and headings (grammatically correct and easy to find using SEO)
  • Titles and parts of content with strategically contained keyword/s
  • Page titles – which are easily navigated and opening with the correct content
  • Images strategically placed within content, with SEO ALT Texts
  • Tags and Categories added to connect with the content in your posts (these also help readers and appear in search engines)
  • Your contact and physical locations are correct
  • Search engine and page descriptions
  • Your content is unique and not a spin off or copied
  • Bounce Rate – you have enough or great content that viewers want to know and read, therefore spending more time on your site

What Can Cause My Website To Not Be Ranked?

  • No keywords placed anywhere
  • Your site is hidden and search engines cannot find it to crawl and give you a rank
  • None or hardly any content – minimum should be 1500 words or more
  • You have to many errors in your website
  • It has been hacked
  • Too many back links – making bounce rate too high
  • Too many products promoted in our sites without information to help viewers
  • Content cannot be understood at all
  • Spamming or unsolicited promotions of your site links without authorization
  • Copyright misuse and illegal affiliations or content that is extremely offensive
  • Breach of Privacy
  • Domain is not registered or secure



Error Codes To Avoid

Now to view these errors your website needs a report from search engines and you will need to go in and fix these errors. Here are common site error codes that you should try to avoid, it is really for the reader to understand why they can or cannot access your website.

Numbers starting with 200 – Means Your Site Is Satisfactory

This code means that the viewer’s requested search is successful. This is the ideal goal you should aim at, as this will help you rank higher so that your site is one of the first few to be accessed by readers wanting your information.

Numbers starting with 300 – Redirection or Information Moved

The information has moved and this code helps the viewer by redirecting them to the correct site/domain. Think of this as likened to when you move homes – you will need to redirect your mailed posts to another address.

Numbers starting with 400 – Client Error or Broken Link

This is a common occurrence with over-engineered robots.txt files, but can be the result of a mis-configured web server, that results in a broken link. It tells the viewer that something has stopped Google from accessing your website due to something that you as the owner, has done or not done, whether indirectly or directly.

The most common error that throws a lot of web developers and site owners is 404 – this little code can really frustrate some people, trust me, I know some of them.

Code 404 – means your site does not exist. Why?

If you go back to the above list for ‘what can cause my websites, website not to be ranked?’ You will see the bullet point I added for domain is not registered or secure. The answer for code 404, is usually because a domain is not registered at all and has no authorization to be in search engines.

Often this happens because you have changed platforms and your lease period for owning your domain has expired or you have not paid the annual registration fee, one or the other; or both.

The only solutions are to go back to the platform that hosted your website and ask for the reasons or see their transfer policies or just pay the $15 or so annual fee.


Numbers starting with 500 – Server Error

This means that the viewer’s request went wrong because of an error by the site server. Intervention is required by the website developer to solve or fix this error.

I had this error coded as 502 the other day, when I went to check my websites, sitemaps in Google Analytics.

I was a little perturbed because apparently this error covered four of my websites, posts for almost a month – meaning no-one could access my websites, pages and I kicked myself for not checking Sitemaps earlier.

I learned that the code meant my websites, website was not visible and inaccessible because of a simple little ‘tick’ in the box inside my websites, All-In-One SEO within WordPress website dashboard.

This also explained the high bounce level I had experienced (70-80%).

After I logged in and fixed it, the coded error was removed and my websites, bounce rate fell to lower than 40%. It just goes to show, how much we need to understand and keep an eye on what our readers actually see, in the search engines.

How Can Jaaxy Help With My Site Ranking?

Now this is what I have been waiting to share with you. The most useful research tool I have ever come across and the one that I am grateful for helping me, to rank my websites, niche website as number 1 on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Lucky for me I have a way to see my websites, rankings n Jaxxy within Wealthy Affiliate for free (aren’t they awesome!).

I was able to research my websites, niche and check for competition, in Jaaxy. I also use this tool to research all my websites, headings and post titles, to ensure that I had very low competition and that the keyword sandwiches I used were unique.

Jaxxy gives my websites, website that competitive edge for bidding a place in first page rankings against my websites, competitors in the same niche. This also gives me the ability to be sent viewers first, before any other site.

When you join the Weathy Affiliate platform, you also get Jaaxy Lite subscription free and also automatically become an affiliate, which means I can earn from Jaaxy referrals as well, as use it to help me find the right keywords to use in my websites, websites.




It is so easy to use, you only need to type the words in the search menu and Jaaxy will list all the different keywords in rank as well as show the percentage quantity of competition sites using that very same keyword.




Low Hanging Keywords

Low hanging keywords is the secret in differentiates quality content that will rank from the quality content that is not ranked.

Jaaxy research tool will help you find those low hanging keywords, which you simply paste as your title and strategically place inside your content, as taught within the Wealthy Affiliate Training.

Actually rather than my websites, adding on screen shots, why don’t you try it for yourself in reality.



Enter the words: “Wealthy Affiliate” in the menu box now to get a real Jaaxy response:




I don’t really need to preach to you, about how wonderful this research tool is, because a picture says a thousand words. View my websites, proof images below, to see how Jaaxy showed me, how my site was ranked in search engines:



So, do you want to have a website that ranks high in the search engine indexed pages? Then I suggest registering with the best research tool that you will ever find online: Jaaxy

It is a paid subscription that you can use its own.





However, if you join Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy Lite Research tool is automatically included for free (limited to 5 searches in the Free Trial Membership) and unlimited when on the Premium subscription (at no extra cost to the subscription fee).

If you would like to know more about this amazing research tool, and how it could help to boost your website rankings or help you research niches or topics, then please leave a comment below for me to respond to.


Take care and we shall meet again in my websites, next post.


  1. Buck


    Man, Jaaxy is such a great tool! I use it for pretty much everything I do online, from publishing books to writing blog posts. Anyone who doesn’t use it already is missing out big-time. What do you think is the most important factor to pay attention to when researching with Jaaxy? For me, I like to check out my competition before I even think about using a keyword. I’m so glad it gives you those insights.

    • Reply

      Hi Buck, thank you for leaving a comment in my post. I believe that the most important factor to pay attention to when using Jaaxy, is to make sure that our keywords entered are readable, in which the grammar should be correct yet simple to understand. It should match how people normally formulate a keyword or phrase when they first search for information.
      I am glad that you are a proficient user of Jaaxy and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  2. Olalekan


    You did a great job in carefully putting together this article. I must say that your article is really loaded with the right information that every blogger needs to improve their site. Meanwhile Jaaxy has application as made my blogging job to be easier. Now I know the right search key word to use for my content. It is really cool doing my thing with less stress. Thanks for this great article.  

    • Reply

      Thank you for complimenting my post. I am happy that you found it informative and helpful to your own research and online business.

  3. Adamuts


    I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.I was so impressed about Jaxxy tools, I believe Jaxxy can help my Google  ranking .being an wealthy affiliate member, this is an added advantage for me. I will be working on my blog soon with the help of Jaxxy. Thanks for the informative post. Best regards 

    • Reply

      Thank you Adamuts, I am glad that you found my article useful to your own online business. Feel free to visit again to read more helpful posts.

  4. Reply

    hello, this is a great article! Especially for people like me that are just starting out. I have written about 15 articles and 5 of them have gotten indexed already but I did not know how to check it out. Thank you very much.


    • Reply

      Hi Sharriv, you are welcome. As an entrepenuer, I don’t think I can live without Jaxxy. It is like a compass for my content writing. Thank you for leaving me a comment 🙂

  5. Reply

    Thank you for such a great article! I have been using Jaaxy through the WA website and found it to be an outstanding tool for narrowing down keywords.

    • Reply

      Hi Stasia, thank you for reading my article. Jaaxy Research tool is outstanding, and if I had never joined WA, I would never have found out about it. Its amazing how many people who own online businesses/websites have no idea about this research tool.

  6. Reply

    Wow! Honestly this post has provided a great deal of information for me. You talk about a site needing quality content, well this is A+ material right here! I mean honestly, I’ve learned to see a few things I already knew in a different perspective.

    Your article is a great resource and a great material for training! Do you have any articles that go into those bullet points on how a site is ranked in more detail? I’d love to read some more on that! You put everything in such a unique perspective!

    • Reply

      Hi Steven,
      thank you for such a compliment. I feel humbled and grateful. I do my best to present truthful information so that I do not mislead people. As for the bullet points that you mentioned, I am definitely in the process of creating the information that links to those very items. It will be my greatest pleasure to have you read them, and I will keep you posted, as soon as I write each one.

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