TWIBED offers online business learning solutions that anyone can use to create an online business that they can earn, working from home, or anywhere in the world, using only a laptop or device linked to wifi.

TWIBED uses training and tools, based on some of  the best online and affiliate platforms online today , to develop a successful online business for anyone willing to achieve their dreams of earning passive income.


Our Story

My name is Ilaisaane Tuakalau. I am an online entrepeneur, affiliate marketer, and online influencer.

I had started my search for an online business, when I was a solo mum, of three kids surviving on what I got from the government at the time, in 2008.

I was continually searching for a work from home business, so that I could spend more time with my children.

In 2008 I had run away from a toxic and violent first marriage, with only the clothes I had on my back, and survived the streets, for months, before a caring Christian couple, took me in to their home. Through their non judgmental love and encouragement, I was able to get myself up on my feet again, and my children returned to me.

Being a solo mum for five years was very hard, and sometimes all we had left for the following week was $5 to survive. Noodle packages was our main meals sometimes and bread.

It was during this time of desperation, that I learned a lot about online businesses. However, I failed in every one of the hundreds I joined because I did not have the knowledge or skills to gain any success.

Despite all my failures in the online world, I never stopped believing that I would find it one day, and have never stopped searching for it, throughout the years.

Fast forward ten years later, after getting a high paid job and married again, to a wonderful man, I found myself in another desperate situation.

I was forced into resignation by a bullying boss, just before December 2018. My husband’s income alone, was not enough to cope with the needs of our brood of teenagers (he has two children and I have three) and all the weekly bills.

I was also facing, an upcoming hospital operation due to health issues, which I had developed during my previous employment. I wanted to help him so much.

However, in my heart, I had vowed that I would never be owned or controlled by an employer ever again.

We only had $50 left for Christmas.

Therefore, I silently prayed and scoured the internet the night of my birthday 19 December 2018 for something. Just something…

Before the clock hit midnight – I found a testimonial that spoke about an online Affiliate platform, that would teach me everything, that I needed to know for how, to create and manage an online business, without my having any background experience.

    Join Now And Start A New Life!

    Amazing Grace! that was what I needed, it was not a get rich scheme or overnight wealth – it was to gain the knowledge and skills to create a long-lasting income for myself and my family.

    Today, I can attest to how much I have learned about building my own business, and the glorious freedom that I have found in being, who I am truly meant to be, without any restriction or any judgment.

    Why I Want To Help Others

    If you are reading this, then you also, are probably going through that stage of wondering, and hoping to find something that will change the course of your life.

    I am a Pacific islander, and a very proud Tongan.

    It didn’t matter how qualified or skilled I was at a job, I was always going to be an underdog for someone else, who controlled how I was to perform for 40 hours of my week, with just a $$ value sign written in my pay package, to show my worth.


    After finding my freedom, I no longer want to give away anymore, of my valuable time; time, that my loved ones deserved from me.

    I want to help you too, by showing you, how I created my home business and to provide you with the best online business solutions, and find what you lost – the ‘you’ that is meant to be you.

    I do not promise an overnight miracle and certainly earning anything straight away, but if, an honest work from home, is not what you are after then, don’t read any further. However, if you are willing to make some sacrifices and want to learn how to do so, through honesty and hard work then, you are welcome to continue reading.

    Remember – this is about building a business, that will outlast you, and that no-one else can ever take away from you. It is yours.

    I encourage you, to change your perception and attitude to the right frame of mind, to that of success. For if you can do that, then those are the people I want to help – ones who want to work and help themselves to achieve their financial freedom.

    The Purpose of TWIBED

    I credit everything that I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s owners, Kyle and Carson .

    The majority of the tools that I will write and suggest are based on the training learned from this platform.

    I believe in paying everything forward and helping people to help themselves.

    I want to assist you, in finding the same opportunities for yourself, so that you too can create a successful home business; whether you are a student; a parent, or already running, your own successful business; but still want, to know how to expand it globally. I welcome you.

    All you need is a willingness to learn, and then I will show you the same tools that I used from Wealthy Affiliate and many other great affiliate platforms.

    My online consultations are free and I can be reached in my social media pages or email.

    If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.





    1. Rob S.


      Your story is quite extraordinary indeed.I feel that people who go through the hardest of times stand up and fight for themselves and wind up much better off.

      Your goals of helping others are the same as mine are.There is no better feeling that helping yourself and then helping others.

      You deserve credit because your attitude got you through the tough times.Being an affiliate is an awesome decision on your part.

      You can run a business while helping people. It doesn’t get better than that!In addition, what are your future plans for the affiliate business?

      • Reply

        Thank you Rob,
        yes, regardless of financial gains, the feeling that you get from helping another person to get themselves back on to their feet, is nothing short of exhilarating.
        Yes, I never knew what affiliate marketing was, until I joined the platform that taught me all that I know now. Their platform has not only taught me to believe in myself, but also to have faith in other people’s ability to help me achieve my goals.
        My plan going forward is to continue to learn from this platform, and to mentor anyone who also wants to become a part of it.

    2. Gom


      Hi Ilaisaane, I am moved by your story! I can relate to you as I struggled too in the past although a much different story than yours. I also lived on the streets of Manila when I lost my job in 2008, and fortunately I survived without being harmed by criminal gangs lurking around. And like your story, online income opportunities has helped me turn my life around.

      Your story here is a wonderful success story worth sharing to people around the world who are also struggling. I’ve seen so many who used the internet to change their lives around, like you. Just go on, keep on working, and once you get more success, you will attract the attention. People love to be with those who are not quitters.

      • Reply

        Hi Gom,

        thank you for sharing your own experiences with hardship. It is my desire to reach as many people who are also going through, what we both have and to achieve more for themselves, through self-education.
        All the best my friend 🙂

    3. Ranao


      Ilaisaane Tuakalau your story is heart-warming, motivational, and instructive. Through TWIBED, you have been able to bring prosperity by overcoming the disadvantages of your life.

      This is not a myth, but it’s real. I wish to build a career as a skilled online entrepreneurship also, with many training as well. The article is very useful for those people who are interested in making income using the internet. I humbly request that you write more articles so that we can find be updated on the successes of TWIBED.With Regards.

      • Reply

        Hi Ranao, and thank you for your kind encouragement. I am touched to know that you would like to be updated on how far I venture. I will let you know how to follow my posts, as soon as I add my social media links. Warmest wishes.

    4. Glen


      The outcome of your story is inspiring to me, and others, I hope, Ilaisaane. As difficult as your life journey has been, I pray that your future success comes easier. I don’t imagine there would be anything more difficult than what you have overcome already. I am cheering you on in your Wealthy Affiliate efforts. I hope only the best for you. 

      • Reply

        Thank you Glen,
        that is my aim. I want people to see what their future can become, if they want to learn and work hard to achieve it.

    5. Reply

      Hi Ilaisaane,
      Your story is indeed inspirational and I want to thank you for putting this information out there. I myself have just started building my website and I have found some great tips from reading your articles. It is truly an amazing how in depth you go in each article and really providing true first hand knowledge. kudos to you!

      • Reply

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and letting me know that it has helped you with your online business. You and many others are exactly why I created TWIBED, so that it can help you start or improve your abilities to earn a passive income and achieve the your dreams. You have made my day.

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